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Our Team

Jeff Donlon

Why'd you do it?Because I love beer.  And I want everyone I meet to love beer too.

Tell us a secret about the brewery: Our corporate colors match my favorite soccer team... COYI!


Fred Mattrey
Production Manager
and R&D Brewer

So what is it that you DO?With input from our entire team, I write our recipes and do production planning for the brewery.  I also brew the pilot batches and work with our Head Brewer, Matt, to ensure we consistently produce our high-quality ales and lagers

What about un-beer related? I’m interested in many things, but I wouldn’t say I’m particularly talented at them.  I once bounced a golf ball 114 times on a 7 iron.  I do also enjoy snowboarding and I am pretty good at that.

gina ss.jpeg

Gina Strouse Stanton

Favorite Hobbies:
-Olympic weightlifting, painting, playing guitar/ukelele and saxophone, and dogs. All the dogs.

Bucket List Item: 
Can I pet dat dawwwg


AJ DeLuca
Taproom Manager

My favorite things:The beach, a good hike, a binge-worthy show. Gallivanting with my four legged companion and dominating the daily Wordle. 

Bucket List:Skydiving over Hawaii, and joyriding a Porsche.


Matt Harrison
Head Brewer

How'd you end up here?Via Colorado, Arizona, Costa Rica and parts unknown...

What's your favorite brewery story? So there was this cat in this brewery I once worked in...


Jenn Wallis

Sales Ninja

#CoolMom and Girl Scout cookie dealer. Fantastic hair and great taste in beer! Catch her in yoga class or at the beach when she's not livening up the room at the Silo.


Genevieve Hobson

My favorite things:A beautiful Fall day, an ice cold Sunken Silo beer, and an afternoon by the creek

My bucket list: To travel the world!

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