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Gluten Free
Beer Statement


Gluten Free Beer at Sunken Silo

The US Government has a lot of rules about beer and we follow them all at Sunken Silo.  For gluten-free beer, it means we only use ingredients that are gluten free.

But at Sunken Silo we go further… We take extra steps in cleaning all our equipment – from our kettles to our packing lines -- to make sure there’s no carryover that might contain gluten.  We even add ingredients by hand to make sure no gluten sneaks in!

And finally, we only store gluten-free beer in cans to avoid any carryover from kegs.  That’s why our Crazy X is only served from a can!  Once in a great while we will serve a special small-batch gluten free beer but it is handled with kid gloves to ensure our customers receive a truly gluten-free brew.

We make our hard seltzers with the same care.  Since our naturally flavored seltzers have a short shelf-life, we don’t can --we serve only at the tap.  But our seltzer taps are dedicated so we can ensure they stay gluten-free.

We do our very best to deliver delicious gluten-free options, but need to add the legalese…despite all our efforts, there’s always a tiny chance that your beverage could contain some gluten.  So please, keep your personal health situation in mind when selecting a beverage to enjoy!


Fred, Brewery Production Manager

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