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The Brewery

Our Story

Where does the name 'Sunken Silo' come from? We're glad you asked. 

60 years ago, the Round Valley Reservoir was something totally different. It was merely farmland complete with homes, barns and silos, which now sitting at the bottom of the deepest reservoir in New Jersey.  

Our brewery owes its namesake to this small Hunterdon town's history. Our beer, though, hopes to be a more popular choice than the questionable decision to sink a small town.


Where We Are Today

Our brewery opened on November 16, 2019. Since then, we've made new friends through frequent customers and collaborating with other breweries. 

We pour our heart into all of the beers we make. From West Coast IPAs, to Baltic Porters and a Berliner Weiss...we do what we love, we love what we do, and we love who we do it for.

We hope our brewery brings you the joy that it brings us. 

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